Special offer

Cargo transportation from Europe

Our basic profile of activity is a delivery of cargoes from Europe to Ukraine.

Also «European logistic company» renders following services:

  • cargo transportation from Europe;
  • delivery of modular cargoes;
  • delivery of cargoes from Europe by the truck;
  • goods delivery from Europe, purchased on Ebay;
  • emergency delivery of cargoes (express delivery of cargoes);
  • delivery of containers to Ukraine from the countries of Asia, the USA and other countries;
  • customs clearance of cargoes on our company;
  • reception of any allowing documents, certificates, conclusions Sanitary epidemiological service, acts which we can arrange on the enterprise of the customer;
  • consultations and recommendations about any questions, customs, logistics, transportation, warehousing. Development of variants of economy and optimization of your external economic deliveries.

Our specialists have a work experience more than 10 years in foreign trade activities sphere. «The European Logistic Company» specializes on a cargo transportation from Europe and other regions of the world, therefore goods delivery from Europe, Asia or other part of the world will be produced in as much as possible short terms. Cooperating with us, you have possibility to order express delivery or emergency delivery of cargo from Europe to Ukraine or from other part of the world, and to receive the goods even faster.

We can give you the most favorable scheme of work, considering specificity of your goods and business.

Our advantages

The basic advantage of work with us is that the importer of your cargo is our company. We can take away your cargo from factory and to deliver it to you directly in office or a warehouse.

Into cost of our services always enters:

  • cargo delivery to Ukraine from the countries of Europe and other countries;
  • opening and closing EX with obligatory compensation of the VAT to the manufacturer;
  • customs clearance with payment of all necessary taxes and tax collections at import: a duty, the VAT;
  • reception of all necessary certificates and permissions for customs.

The delivery cost is agreed in advance, prior to the beginning of delivery realization, and doesn't change upon arrival of cargo in Ukraine.

If indicative cost (customs value) at the moment of cargo delivery becomes more, we take these costs for.

If in the course of transportation with cargo something happens we bear complete financial responsibility for cargo and we compensate to the owner of its cargo complete invoice cost.

If it is required, we can discuss a question on financial pledge for the goods while cargo delivery will be performed. Also questions by any other kinds of guarantees if it is necessary are discussed.