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Transportation of dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous cargoes (ADR) demands special conditions of transportation, very much care, a mode of loading-unloading and skills of work. We carry dangerous cargoes, both modular, and separate trucks from the countries of the western Europe to Ukraine. Also transportation of dangerous cargoes is performed by containers from the countries of Asia, the United Arab Emirates the USA and other countries in which are the container message with Ukraine.

For transportation of dangerous cargoes, depending on a danger class, the vehicle should be equipped in appropriate way. If transportation is performed by motor transport the driver should have corresponding qualification which will allow it to transport dangerous cargoes.

Transportation of dangerous cargoes can be executed only together with customs clearance on our company. From factory except an invoice and a packing list the safety sheet in which the class of danger of cargo is underlined also is required agrees ADR. Also in safety sheet necessary specific requirements of transportation are specified: a temperature mode, possibility of transportation with other cargoes, chemical and physical characteristics of cargo, a security measure for the person and environment.

If you have an order on which you wish to know the price on delivery and customs clearance of dangerous cargo, fill the form and shortly receive the answer.