Special offer

  • Delivery of equipment from Europe from 14%

    Delivery of equipment from Europe with custom clearance from 14% of the invoice. Delivery is performed from our warehouse in Italy (Treviso) to the customer’s door in Ukraine.

  • Delivery of cosmetics from Europe from 600euro for 1m3

    Delivery of cosmetics with custom clearance from 600 euro for 1m3. Delivery is perfomed from our warehouse in Italy (Treviso) to Dnepropetrovsk.

  • Discounts for transportation in Ukraine

    We all know that “word of mouth”, “Gypsy-mail” or simply the recommendations work best when you select something you like. This is especially important when choosing a carrier you trust your precious cargo.

  • Free delivery of goods by Dnepropetrovsk

    From November 1 to November 30 of 2017 to deliver cargo from our warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk-to-door to customer Dnepropetrovsk will be free. Hurry to order at this time.

Надежда Шевченко