Special offer

Express delivery of goods

There are such situations when to wait cargo of 10-14 days is impossible and delivery is necessary to perform «on yesterday». Contracts burn, penalty provisions and penalties, for untimely delivery of the goods, just about it is necessary to pay, the factory as on harm, has detained goods production, the customer demands to return an advance payment. With such situation, everyone who ever was engaged in import of cargoes faced practically. A situation when only very fast delivery of cargo in this case can salvage.

We perform the express delivery of cargoes for 4-5 days together with customs clearance on our company. In this time cargo, from any factory which is in the countries of the western Europe, comes to Ukraine and is cleared. In a case express delivery we send the separate small truck behind «burning cargo» which carries only your goods.

To learn cost the delivery expresses together with customs clearance, send us inquiry and receive an early reply.