Special offer

Transportation of modular cargoes

We perform transportation of modular cargoes together with customs clearance on our company from following countries: Austria, England, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

Delivery of cargoes in volume from 0,1м3 is performed through our European warehouse. In Europe 3 warehouses where modular cargoes gather work for us. Italy Trevizo (31057 Treviso), Slovakia Pribenik (07651 Pribenik), Poland Przemysl (37700 Przemysl)

The basic cities of Europe in which cargoes gather:

Italy Trevizo (31057 Treviso)

Verona (36045 Lonigo)

Prime storage which can take away cargo from factory and accepts cargoes which are brought independently by factories.
Slovakia Pribenik (07651 Pribenik) The warehouse only accepts cargoes which bring factories.  
Poland Przemysl (37700 Przemysl) The warehouse only accepts cargoes which bring factories.    
Vengriya (HU-4622 Komoró ) The warehouse only accepts cargoes which bring factories.    

If it is necessary, that cargo from factory has taken away our warehouse the delivery cost across Europe is specified in each specific case by granting of the following information:

  •  the loading address (the country, an index, region and a city);
  •  gross weight;
  •  the sizes of cargo on pallet or boxes in which cargo is packed;
  •  the short name of cargo with specification dangerous cargo or not.

On the basis of this information the Italian warehouse gives delivery cost across Europe on concrete cargo. Also across Europe, to our warehouse, the factory independently can perform cargo delivery.

To learn delivery cost and customs clearance on your cargo, fill inquiry and shortly receive the answer.
The basic nomenclature which we deliver by modular method is:

  •  the industrial and household equipment; 
  •  home appliances;
  •  spare parts;
  •  cosmetics; 
  •  clothes, footwear, bags and accessories; 
  •  textiles;
  •  building and finishing materials; 
  •  musical instruments;
  •  a furniture garniture and materials for furniture production;
  •  raw for the food, chemical and cosmetic industry.