Special offer


On a constant basis to us external starts-managers who have a work experience in sphere of the international logistics are required and have own base of clients-importers.

This work for you if you work or worked in sphere of the international logistics and foreign trade activities. It can be your basic or additional earnings. All depends on your wishes and possibilities.

We are ready to pay to you from 30 to 50 euros for everyone м3 which we will bring for your clients from the countries of the western Europe together with customs clearance.

On the whole containers which follow from Asia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and other countries, depending on specificity of the goods, a payment term are agreed individually on each delivery.

The basic nomenclature which we import for our clients:

  • Any industrial and household equipment;
  • Home appliances;
  • Spare parts;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Clothes, footwear, bags and accessories;
  • Textiles;
  • Building and finishing materials;
  • Not a food perishable food;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Furniture garniture and materials for furniture production;
  • Raw for food, the cosmetic and chemical industry.

The work scheme the following:

  • You have found or have received the order, for example: 5м3, 700kg, 3000EURO, the equipment for the food-processing industry, the factory is in Milan, it is necessary to deliver cargo to Kiev.
  • Send us this information in any form or in the form of standard inquiry with which it is possible to download or fill at us on a site.
  • We count inquiry and we send you the answer taking into account your interest. Your interest can be fixed from 30 to 50 euros for everyone м3 or % from the sum which will be paid by the client. Also you can add to our recommended price, any your interest. We will never interesting in, what you have agreed with the client.
  • If all has approached the customer, the invoice and a packing list from factory in electronic form and in the original together with cargo are necessary for us.
  • On the basis of an invoice and a packing list we open export declaration EX-1, for compensation of the VAT to factory.
  • If it is modular cargo delivery is performed through any of our warehouses in Italy (31057 Treviso), Slovakia (07651 Pribenik) or Poland (37700 Przemysl). Cargo can be delivered both forces of a warehouse, and forces of factory. After cargo has arrived on our European warehouse, it to be loaded in the machine which follows to Ukraine.
  • We produce customs clearance on our enterprise, we receive all necessary permissions which from us the customs demands, we pay a duty and the VAT. We give cargo to the client after customs clearance and all necessary formalities.
  • The client produces payment for delivery and customs clearance at the moment of cargo reception in Dnepropetrovsk.
  • If cargo is necessary to the client in other city payment for our services occurs upon arrival of cargo in Dnepropetrovsk, after customs clearance.
  • As soon as the client pays our services, you receive the sum stipulated in advance. Also you can not give us customer information or its contacts if will wish. We need from you only the order, an invoice and a packing list in the beginning and payments for our services in the end of the transaction.

If you had questions you can call by by phone +38(067) 637-61-31 Nadiya.

With pleasure we wait for you in our command.