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Discounts for transportation in Ukraine

Discounts for transportation in Ukraine

We all know that “word of mouth”, “Gypsy-mail” or simply the recommendations work best when you select something you like. This is especially important when choosing a carrier you trust your precious cargo, which is desirable to obtain timely, safe and sound without problems, according to the value which originally made ??the reservation with a carrier and, above all, generally receive.

We are often asked if we could do a discount on shipping and customs clearance. The answer: “Yes we can. With great pleasure. “

We suggest you get Sidqi shipping and customs clearance of your goods in exchange for a recommendation. Recommend us to your friends, partners, customers or friends and receive a guaranteed discount.

We have developed an interesting system of discounts that you can get. It’s real and it is not profanity. Our customers who recommend us, and bringing in a discount. For clarity, we took the bet 650 euros per 1m3 of shipping and customs clearance.

I do not recommend to anyone 750 euro per m3
I give a recommendation   740 euro per m3 
I give two recommendations 730 euro per m3  
I give three recommendations  720 euro per m3  
I give the four recommendations 710 euro per m3  
I give the five recommendations 700 euro per m3  

Practice shows that more than 5 recommendations from one client we have not yet received yet. Although we know that this is real.

May be familiar to friends, partners end up at around 5? We do not know why, but if we do recommend that someone – it’s about saying something. That’s right.