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Delivery of goods from France

We deliver cargoes from France to Ukraine only together with customs clearance to our company.

Delivery of cargoes from France to Ukraine occurs through our warehouse in Italy Trevizo (31057 Treviso). The Italian warehouse can take away your cargo from the French factory, bring to Italy, open EX and ship to Ukraine. With cargo the invoice, a packing list necessarily should follow.

Cargoes from France to Italy are delivered 3-5 days. In the Italian warehouse 3-5 days of transit time which is given on cargo handling in a warehouse and expectation of the truck following to Ukraine. On the average delivery from our warehouse in Italy to Dnepropetrovsk, taking into account customs clearance and all necessary permissions, occurs within 10-14 days.

From France we carry: industrial truck tools and the equipment, the electrotechnical equipment, cosmetics, perfumery, clothes, textiles, linen, accessories.

To learn delivery cost and customs clearance for your cargo, fill the form of inquiry and receive an early reply.