Special offer

Customs clearance of equipment in Ukraine. Shipping and customs clearance of equipment from Europe

Our company specializes in the import and customs clearance of equipment from Europe. Our rates are based on preferential customs clearance and delivery of equipment from any country in Europe to Ukraine .

We are engaged in shipping and customs clearance of equipment from Europe to Ukraine as follows:

  1. You made the order at the factory, independently solve financial issues with the factory, received preliminary information in the form of documents such as proforma invoice , sent us an order for the miscalculation , and asked us a question about how much is shipping and customs clearance of equipment in Ukraine.
  2. Based on preliminary information, we do the calculation and agree with you about shipping and customs clearance of your equipment. Usually, if no components of your order (weight, volume, value, name of the equipment , the place of shipment and delivery) do not change, the cost of our services also remains unchanged.
  3. Once the shipment is ready, you send us the invoice, packing list, information about the contact person at the factory, which will deal with the shipment of goods and confirm the shipment of goods from a particular sender, where the seller’s warehouse goods.
  4. If your order is small, we will deliver and customs clearance of equipment through our warehouses in Europe: Italy ( 31057 Treviso), Slovakia ( 07651 Pribenik), Poland ( 37,700 Przemysl). In these warehouses we are consolidating loads, which are then followed to Ukraine. If your terms of delivery of the equipment, according to Incoterms, which will deliver the goods at the factory warehouse of the carrier, we will be able to host on the European warehouses cargo which arrived on their own.
  5. If you ordered a whole semitrailer of equipment, the load goes over and picks up a single machine without your goods arrival to our European warehouses.
  6. We open and close export declaration EX, for the refund of VAT to the manufacturer.
  7. Customs clearance of equipment in Ukraine is on our company. We get all the necessary permits, certificates for customs clearance of equipment, the fees are paid at reduced rates of VAT and give you a load that is ready for sale or use, after completion of all customs formalities.
  8. Payment for our services after customs clearance. We do not work on a prepaid basis.

We have a special offer on shipping and customs clearance of equipment. With this offer you can save considerably and receive goods with customs clearance in Ukraine for 14 % of the invoice. If you have an order that you want to count and get the cost of the equipment in the Ukraine with all costs of shipping and customs clearance, you can contact us and we will gladly help you and let you know the exact cost.

Our clients are :

  • Ukrainian factories and other manufacturing facilities;
  • hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping centers, shops;
  • formal and informal exclusive distributors and importers of equipment;
  • manufacturers , trading companies in Europe, for which we provide delivery and customs clearance of equipment for their Ukrainian customers;
  • private businesses and individuals.

From this range, which may interest you, we have experience in delivery and customs clearance:

  • food processing equipment for bars and restaurants;
  • woodworking machinery;
  • equipment for metalworking;
  • vacuum pumps;
  • transformers;
  • thermostats;
  • industrial hoods and fans;
  • coffee equipment;
  • boiler equipment;
  • water pollution control equipment;
  • pool equipment, spare parts;
  • supermarket equipment;
  • sewing machines;
  • refrigeration equipment ;
  • furnaces;
  • photographic equipment;
  • compressors;
  • equipment for beauty salons;
  • cosmetic and medical equipment, accessories and spare parts;
  • gaming and vending equipment;
  • household equipment.

If your product is not listed, do not worry , please contact us with a request and we shall count individually and let you know the cost of shipping and customs clearance for your particular hardware. The main countries of Europe of which we deliver and custom clearing equipment for our customers: Austria, England, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

We also provide transport of goods to Ukraine from the following countries: Australia, Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Canada, China, Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, United States, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan.